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Amber Cove Publishing is accepting submissions at this time.

Guidelines and Q&A

What is Amber Cove looking for? Science Fiction and Fantasy of all types (Epic and Urban). Good stories that entertain.


Is there a format? Jim prefers the Shunn manuscript format for submissions. It's kind of the industry standard and if you're querying multiple publishers you really need to follow their guidelines and 3 out of 4 will probably want it in Shunn.


Do I send the whole thing? No.


What do I send then? A pitch of 300-500 words explaining the novel, a 1 page biography about yourself and your web presence, and the first two chapters.  If Jim wants more, he will ask you for it.


Do I send it by Snailmail? No. Electronic submissions only if you please.


Is there a maximum length? For first time novelists please try to keep your total manuscript size to under 125 thousand words.


Erotica or "Gore for Gore's Sake"? No. Jim doesn't have a problem with it, but it needs to be integral to the plot, so don't look for 50 Shades of Amber Cove or Amber Cove's Got an Ax and She Ain't Afraid to Use it. (Although that does sound like an entertaining title.)


Why do you want to know about my web presence? Jim can't sell your book alone. It's the multimedia age of publishing and your presence on social media is a factor in your ability to connect with new readers.


Can I send multiple submissions? Send Jim your best, unless it's for an anthology then multiple submissions would be welcome.


Can I submit to other publishers at the same time?  Yes, but as a professional courtesy please let Jim know that you are and if you are fortunate enough to be picked up by them, please let Jim know that as well. Basically, your time is valuable and Jim's time is too, so he will try not to waste your time and hopes you will do the same.


So you're going to to anthologies? Probably, but Jim may solicit editors to handle those.


I'd like to be the editor of an anthology? Really? You'd be surprised at how much work it is. However, if that doesn't deter you, send Jim a pitch for the anthology idea you have when Amber Cove opens for submissions and he will think it over.



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