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Led to the Slaughter: The Donner Party Werewolves (Virginia Reed Book One)


Trapped in the Sierra Nevada without food, The Donner Party are led to the slaughter. After being manipulated and coerced into a string of bad decisions, the travelers, frozen and abandoned, find themselves unable to go forward or back, and are preyed upon by werewolves in their midst--the very people they thought were friends.

As the creatures grow hungry and desperate, a showdown is born between the people struggling to retain their humanity, and the creatures seeking a massacre.

A tale of resilience, horror, and betrayal, the survivors of the expedition are hunted. But the human spirit endures. Told from the diaries of young Virginia Reed and others in the party, the truth is finally revealed. "Duncan McGeary is an accomplished writer who knows how to tell a great story. Led to the Slaughter is a riveting tale sure to please the most discerning reader." 
~ Mike Richardson, Emmy award winning producer and founder of Dark Horse Comics

"If you like your history with a sprinkling of killer lycanthropes, have I got a book for you. Duncan McGeary's new novel, Led to the Slaughter: The Donner Party Werewolves, offers an alternate explanation for the cannibalism in the Donner Party, and is a welcome addition to the ranks of alternative histories." 
~ Steve Perry, New York Times Bestselling Author of Men in Black, The Mask, and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

The Dead Spend No Gold: Bigfoot and the California Gold Rush (Virginia Reed Book Two)

Virginia Reed survived the Donner Party Werewolves only to find herself in a life and death struggle with a creature out of nightmares. When gold is discovered, California becomes flooded with miners who push Indian tribes from their lands, or kill them if they refuse to leave. But there is a creature in the mountains that won't be so easily removed, who reacts to the invasion of his territory by slaying everyone who trespasses. 

The Darkness You Fear: Ghosts of the Lost Blue Bucket Mine (Virginia Reed Book Three)

Returning to her ranch after investigating the Whitman Mission massacre, Virginia Reed receives a mysterious message from an old friend, Mary Perkins. 

Mary traveled west on the Oregon Trail one year before Virginia’s own ill-fated journey with the Donner Party. Tragedy also befell Mary’s party, the Meek Cutoff wagon train: twenty-four souls lost their lives, and several children went missing.  As the wagon train wandered, lost, in the High Desert of Oregon, the elders met to decide their path, sending their children off with blue buckets to find water. The children returned not with water, but with shiny rocks. 

Three years later, gold was found in California. On a hunch, survivors of the Meek wagon train checked the blue buckets they had stored away. Sure enough, the shiny rocks were actually gold. But now, no one from the wagon train can remember where they were camped when the gold was found—only that shortly thereafter, the children went missing. 

As she sets out to help her old friend, Virginia begins to wonder if the Lost Blue Bucket Mine and the children were ever really lost… or if something far more sinister happened.

Duncan McGeary is a native Central Oregonian, the dry side of the Cascade Mountains. (His stories are often located in this western terrain.) After graduating for the University of Oregon he returned to his hometown, having had his first three fantasy novels published in the early 1980's.

He bought a bookstore, Pegasus Books, in downtown Bend in 1984, got married to Linda, raised two sons, Todd and Toby, and spent the next 25 years at the store.

With the store thriving, he is now devoting his stored up creative energies writing again, genre novels, fantasy, horror, SF, and thrillers, and having the time of his life.

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